How To Conquer Some Of The Biggest Marriage Fears

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Fretting over your marriage does not end with pre-wedding jitters. It’s very common and even healthy to have concerns over your relationship once you tie the knot. These fears can help you evade future problems so take them very seriously and let them work for you, not against you. Below are common marriage fears and how to overcome them.

You will eventually have nothing in common

Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase does come to a halt. Marriage therapist, Paul Hokemeyer asserts that most couples tend to fall out of their honeymoon phase after 7 years of marriage when they are busy dealing with stresses of raising their children. And that is when couples stop having sex, they become emotionally distant and live separate lives. To vanquish this fear, it’s crucial to put extra effort into your marriage during this period. You can bring back an old hobby or activity that you used to enjoy when you were in your honeymoon phase.

Your spouse won’t hold it together should you fall sick

This is a particular concern for women seeing as they are the natural caregivers. To get peace of mind, you can draw out a will stating your wishes regarding care of your family should you be incapacitated. Alternatively, you can start of the conversation with your spouse, for example, ‘I see aunt Vilmer and Uncle Fred struggling, I don’t want that to be us. Let’s talk about what will happen if either one of us gets sick.’

You will forget the person you once were

Assuming the role of a parent, a spouse and a professional can be overwhelming and in the midst of it all you might lose your identity. The key not to lose your identity is finding a balance between the things you do for yourself, your family, and work. Take ‘me time’ with the utmost seriousness as you would a doctor’s appointment. Ensure that you plan out your ‘me time’- what you will wear, where you will go and what you will do. If you just think that ‘I should take a break sometime this week’ chances are you won’t go through with it.


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